Butchery services in Lahore

Butchery services in Lahore

We are specialized in providing butchery services in Lahore. Uncle Fixer will help you connect with trained and experienced butchers to make your Eid or other events go smoothly. We follow a special method to keep your animal’s meat in good condition.

Online Qasai Service in Lahore

Uncle Fixer is giving the opportunity of Online Qasai Service in Lahore. We have professional butchers all time ready to give you services. We are experts in our services and can handle the situation according to your need. Uncle Fixer is a name of trust and satisfaction.

Online Qasai Booking in Lahore

If you are looking for Online Qasai Booking in Lahore, while having Uncle Fixer there isn’t any need to do so. Because we are providing professional butchers who are experts in slaughtering any animal like cow, goat, camel, or any other animal of your choice.

Online Qurbani Booking in Lahore

If you are worried because you couldn’t find any reliable source for Online Qurbani Booking in Lahore. Uncle Fixer is there to provide Qurbani services with ease, so you can enjoy your eid smoothly without any hassle. Make sure to contact us timely to avail of our service.  

Qasai services for bakra in Lahore

We are providing hassle-free Qasai services for bakra in Lahore. So that you don’t have to look here and there and still end up finding unsatisfactory services. Uncle Fixer has trained butchers for your services that can handle all types of bakra without any difficulty.

Expert Qasai for Cow in Lahore

You might have witnessed several people face this issue that it's difficult for them to handle the cow. While Uncle Fixer has experts that can handle any cow and can provide timely Qurbani on Eid.

Expert Qasai for Camel Qurbani in Lahore

Finding a Expert Qasai for Camel Qurbani in Lahore is difficult. Because few people are experts in this work. Uncle Fixer has experienced butchers for your help. Who’ll make sure that Qurbani is done according to your desire.