Unskilled labour services in Lahore

Looking for Unskilled labour services in Lahore for your residential or commercial properties? Uncle Fixer is offering unskilled labor for every work including hospitality, construction, food, agriculture, and other purposes. You need not worry about the quality or quantity of our labour services. They work as a great helper and perform their duties well with responsibility. There are several sorts of laborers that work according to their abilities, you can hire according to your needs.

Food workers help in preparing food, cleaning, and sanitizing area where food is being prepared. Uncle Fixer has such responsible workers that make sure to do your work like it’s their own. If you want our food workers for your restaurant, we make sure that you’ll be satisfied with their services. Uncle Fixer is a name of quality and never compromise on your work. We have also experienced housekeepers available for your service. They maintain the cleanliness of your hotel and all the common places of your hotel. Our provided housekeepers will engage with your team like a family. Although most hotel owners look for diploma holder housekeepers. Well, when there is enough experience you don’t need to be concerned about education. Besides that, you can also hire our unskilled labour for cleaning purposes, or for temporary work like putting things on shelves or serving customers. We also have experienced construction helpers, delivery boys, and other helpers according to your need. Just give us a call and providing you with the best service is our responsibility.