Uncle Fixer Solar panel installation Company in Multan

If you are looking for a reputable solar panel installation company in Multan , you’ll find no one better than Uncle Fixer. We aim to make use of solar energy as much as possible. This will help reduce electricity bills and with a non-stop supply of electric energy, there will be a visible increase in your business. Also, it an affordable and clean way to fulfill your energy needs

Get smart living solutions with our Best Solar Energy Services in Multan

Increased load-shedding in the country has forced several people to move towards alternative solutions. The most reliable and useful way is to make use of solar energy. You just have to invest once and for the rest of your life to enjoy free electric energy. We are giving reasonable solar energy services in Multan for residential and commercial needs.

Residential Solar Solutions in Multan

We are giving long-term Residential Solar Solutions in Multan within your budget. We are helping individuals to make use of solar energy in their daily life.

Commercial Solar Solutions in Multan

We have helped several organizations to increase their yearly revenue with our reliable Commercial Solar Solutions in Multan. Give us a call and our team will be there at your place.

Industrial Solar Solutions in Multan

Our experts have a better idea that for what industries our Industrial Solar Solutions in Multan will prove to be a wonder. Also, they have an experience that at which place this system should be installed.

Agricultural Solar Solutions in Multan

For better production of agriculture, our Agricultural Solar Solutions in Multan will be a good idea. With the advancement in the world, people need a permanent solution to complete their electricity needs.

For energy conservation avail of our solar panel installation packages in Multan

If you are looking for a reliable company that can provide you with affordable solar panel installation packages in Multan . Uncle Fixer provides efficient installation services that will provide you with a permanent solution to get rid of your electricity deficiencies. We are helping people to handle energy crises with ease.

3KW Solar Hybrid System
5KW Solar Hybrid System
7KW Solar Hybrid System
10KW Solar Hybrid System
12KW Solar Hybrid System
More Than 12KW Solar System

Why Choose Uncle Fixer?

Uncle Fixer is a reputable name in giving services especially when it comes to installing a solar panel. We’ll make sure to use solar energy from every point of view. We have already installed several solar systems for different satisfied customers all over Pakistan. We never compromise on quality.

Award-winning customer service
From the start of our work, we make sure that everything goes well and the services we provide are satisfactory with visible results. Hire us and get rid of electricity issues in no time.
Next day service guarantee
Uncle Fixer provides guaranteed services. Although our fixers are dedicated to providing high-quality work, still if you face any issues even after one week of installation. Our fixers will be there for you.
The installation and repair services we provide for your solar system give an excellent result. As we provide services to industrial and residential areas with warranty. If anything wrong happens you can immediately claim us. We provide full coverage from mounting solar panels to adding more parts.
Our service area
Uncle Fixer provides solar installation services all over Pakistan. We mainly provide our services in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. We cover all the areas in these cities. Call us anytime.

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Go green with our Solar Panel Installation Services in Multan
and sell excess energy to earn a good amount of money.